Welcome to Over the Edge Radio. The homepage for Over the Edge describes it as the longest-running block of free-form audio collage in radio history.

On each themed episode of OTE there is a plan and there is no plan. Existing within the parallel universe of the Universal Media Netweb, the OTE mix consists of found sounds of many kinds from many sources put together on the run as the continuous audio collage progresses, along with live electronics (often from our Boopers), live sound processing, and all sorts of reoccurring themes, topics and characters. Some of the shows involve all of Negativland, while some involve others outside of our group who participate semi-regularly. OTE often employs “Receptacle Programming,” which means you. Phone callers are punched into our mix with no warning. Call 510-848-4425 to deposit your programming. When your phone stops ringing, you’re on the air. Don’t say ‘hello’.”

Two Negativland fans created this audio stream to honor the memory of Don Joyce (1944-2015), Richard Lyons (1957-2016), and Ian Allen (1959-2015). The show continues on KPFA every Thursday night/Friday morning at midnight pacific time. The audio stream includes current episodes. We hope you find it useful, and that it brings you many hours of auditory joy.

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“Someone should create a radio station that just loops this show constantly. There would be years of content.” - Don Joyce